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Alari Metsniit – the Silent Genius Helping Slowball Cars Back to the Road

Alari is has been with Slowball since 2015. He is a good friend of Panda, the Slowball super mechanic. The live in the same small town near Tallinn, often spending time together fixing Slowball cars. While Alari remains modest about his car fixing skills, Panda calls him a genius. According to Panda, the guy can […]

Panda, the Slowball Super Mechanic – His Story and More

We would like to properly introduce you Henri Mikkor or Panda, the super mechanic for Slowball. A little modest at times, he knows his Slowball cars well. Knows where to find them (the buying), knows how to prep them for the road and knows how to fix them when they break down on the road. […]