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Slowball ’19 Route Approved.

Hello Slowball’ers, Yesterday, Sunday the 13th of January, we arrived safely back to our office in Tallinn. We overtook more than 2000 km and spent 28 hours on the road to make Slowball – Art on Wheels 2019 the most adventurous and exciting expedition to date. What a long weekend, full of excitement and emotions. […]

Slowball – Art on Wheels 2019 announced.

Hello Slowball‘ers,2019 is right around the corner and it’s time to plan your vacations. The dates are confirmed: 24th – 28th of July. Slowball – Art on Wheels 2019 will be the most epic and legendary expedition yet.The route is set, but we’ll keep it to ourselves, for now. We will announce the exact route […]

Yoshi, the Traveling Film Maker from Japan Who Got Slowballed during MEXTONIA Festival in Tallinn

Yoshi was born in 1989, and raised in Kanagawa, Japan. Through film and photography, he is experiencing life to the fullest. He likes documenting his adventures through travel, art, music and different life-styles. Through his work, he showcases emotions and feelings which cannot be described through words. Among other things, he has created promotional videos for street […]

Kristian Sohlberg Will Take It Slow This Year by Driving a Slowball Car in August!

Did you know that Picasso’s son Claude Picasso likes rally driving, and that this is one of his hobbies? We didn’t know it either, until Kristian Sohlberg told us that he had been giving rally lessons to Claude Picasso. Kristian Sohlberg is a perfect addition to Slowball 2017 family. He appreciates art and definitely knows […]