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Car #33 Opel Vectra 330PPP by Sänk

Sänk is a street artist born and raised in Southern Estonia. He lives Mehikoorma. He is a soft-spoken and a friendly guy showing the hints of the South Estonian common sense mixed with the “sweet” temper that other true Southerners would certainly recognize. He has not left the beautiful South, choosing to live in the countryside […]

Jukka Virkkunen – a Finnish Artist Whose Long and Winding Artistic Journey Started at the Age of 7 with His Teacher’s Phone Call to His Parents

Jukka is a super friendly and a positive guy from Finland. Seeing the world through his 2.04m, he paints abstract paintings so colorful that these bring joy to our souls. His winding road to becoming a full-time artist makes an inspiring story that will certainly put a smile on your face. Jukka has been interested in art since the […]