Hello Slowball’ers,

Yesterday, Sunday the 13th of January, we arrived safely back to our office in Tallinn. We overtook more than 2000 km and spent 28 hours on the road to make Slowball – Art on Wheels 2019 the most adventurous and exciting expedition to date. What a long weekend, full of excitement and emotions.

On the trip, we met a lot of amazing people and achieved great goals to give you the best experience on our forthcoming road trip. The help from the local people has been amazing.

But what to expect from Slowball – Art on Wheels 2019 expeditions and exhibitions?
Our journey will have the curviest and bumpiest roads with an astonishing and picture-perfect scenery. We’ll be travelling through 5 countries, each with a unique landscape and culture. The four cities we’ll be staying, have different characteristics and nightlife with even more fantastic local people.
As for the exhibitions, we have surprises for you in each city. We have planned extraordinary parties, from industrial-styled venues to the full glitz and glamour. And, it’s going to be crowded, very crowded.

So bring out your luggage and swimwear. Wipe off the dust on your passports and get ready for the best five days in your life!

If you haven’t already applied to Slowball – Art on Wheels 2019, do it here! 2019 will be the most anticipated and best expedition yet.