Hello Slowball‘ers,
2019 is right around the corner and it’s time to plan your vacations. The dates are confirmed: 24th – 28th of July. Slowball – Art on Wheels 2019 will be the most epic and legendary expedition yet.
The route is set, but we’ll keep it to ourselves, for now. We will announce the exact route one by one during the next couple of months. We’ll give you some hints and you can reply to the comments section for your answer.

During the trip, we’ll be visiting 5 amazing cities in 5 different countries, where some of them are magical, some of them are historical and some of them are crowded, very crowded. 😀

The hints you can find on our Facebook and Instagram pages: https://www.instagram.com/slowballroadtrip/ https://www.facebook.com/slowball.eu/
Apply for 2019 here.

See you in Slowball 2019!

Take it slow.

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