Yoshi was born in 1989, and raised in Kanagawa, Japan. Through film and photography, he is experiencing life to the fullest. He likes documenting his adventures through travel, art, music and different life-styles. Through his work, he showcases emotions and feelings which cannot be described through words. Among other things, he has created promotional videos for street art events, such as “Sea Walls Artists for Ocean”, hosted by Pangea Seed of Environmental conservation group. This event takes place in a different country each year, and he has provided videos and photos during U.S., Canada and New Zealand events. He has also participated in KaaBoo Del Mar, which is a festival of music and art in San Diego, California. He is now based in Toronto, Canada, and continues to pursue his passion. He is thinking of moving back to Japan next year. Since there aren’t many street art festivals in Japan, one of his dreams is to start his own street art festival there.

Yoshi is a travelling film maker from Japan who is currently doing freelance work.

He is making documentaries, music videos, promotional videos etc., and is enjoying his international travel. We met him in Tallinn at MEXTONIA street art festival where he ended up filming a Slowball painting session (getting ready for our road trip on August 2nd-6th), providing us with the superb raw footage of the whole session.

At first, he studied graphic design in Tokyo, after which he worked as a graphic designer for exactly 3 months. Then he quit. He did not like to sit in the office every day. He wanted to get out and be more active. So, he moved to a video production company where he worked as an assistant director with the hope of getting some hands-on experience in the world of audio-visual production. But as an assistant, he could not touch the cameras nor do any editing work. So, he quit this job as well.

After the disappointment at the previous job, Yoshi joined yet another production company, an international one, this time. He acquired more production skills while working there; also, editing skills and motion graphics knowledge. While working at that company, he was doing some filming and editing work on the side in his free time.

Yoshi’s first very own filming job was a live music video of a death metal band in Tokyo, filmed with a cheap camera and an iPhone. He got this gig through his friends who were in music. The quality of the resulting video was not good enough for him, so he decided to invest in his very own quality production equipment. His first camera was Panasonic GH2. Not expensive but he could work with it, Yoshi pointed out. Having invested in the camera, he started shooting and editing galore – DJ-s, night life, death metal bands etc.

An experience in New Zealand changed his life forever. Namely, he wanted to improve his English by moving to New Zealand. In this beautiful country, Yoshi started shooting street art – he did videos and photography and started sharing his work via social media. He then did his first street art festival in New Zealand. This festival, Seawall – Artists for Ocean  by PangeaSeed foundation based in Hawaii, changed his life because an artist liked his work. Now he is traveling to PangeaSeed events, filming and taking photos in street art festivals. In 2016, he already went to Toronto and San Diego, California with many more destinations to come in 2017.

Since May, 2017, Yoshi is living in Toronto.

He was in Tallinn for MEXTONIA street art festival. Nueve Arte Urbano, a Mexican company, is the organizer of Mextonia. PangeaSeed is supporting MEXTONIA, so they brought in two artists and Yoshi. He was filming at Telliskivi Loomelinnak, Tallinn, when he met Franke, the founder of Slowball. They started talking, so Yoshi was invited to film Slowball painting session with the Mexican artists.

Yoshi thinks that Slowball is super cool; he loves art and travel –  Slowball is a perfect mix of both.

While still living in Toronto, Yoshi is planning to do more street art festivals in Canada and the States since, compared to Japan, these countries have more such festival. After that, he is planning to move back to Japan and fulfill his dreams there.

Slowball 2017 road trip is taking place in August 2nd-6th and is taking us through Finland to Sweden this time. We are planning on getting seriously Slowballed this year.

Good luck, Yoshi!

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