Alari is has been with Slowball since 2015. He is a good friend of Panda, the Slowball super mechanic. The live in the same small town near Tallinn, often spending time together fixing Slowball cars. While Alari remains modest about his car fixing skills, Panda calls him a genius. According to Panda, the guy can fix any old car. Now we all have the chance to get to know Alari a little better.

Do you work for Slowball full time? And what exactly do you do for Slowball?

It is not my full-time job. I do it as a hobby during my free time remaining from family and work. I build wooden houses as my full-time job. I have worked as a full-time mechanic before but it does not pay well.

In Slowball project, I help Panda with choosing the cars and with all the technical stuff. We also change tires and paint the cars if necessary (edit: before artists get to do their magic).

My aim in fixing the cars is to get them in such condition that they are good to go for the next 5000 kilometres. (edit: Panda’s aim would be 2000 km)

I have my personal garage. I spend about 5-20 hours per week on Slowball cars. My family is protesting sometimes. But I like working with the cars; I’m interested in it.

Will you participate in Slowball 2017 road trip?


How did you end up working for Slowball?

I joined Slowball in 2015. Panda is a friend of mine. He kept showing me Slowball cars and we ended up fixing them together. At first, I tried to stay away from the project but ended up going on 2015 road trip anyway. I have no regrets.

Is Franke a good partner?

Panda is mainly communicating with Franke. But I have very good impression of Panda. He is very passionate in his projects. He is not doing this only for money.

What do you think about art and old crappy cars?

Old crappy cars are the only cars that are easy to fix (smiling)! You fix an old car and then it’s fixed. By the way, new cars break down more often than the old cars. I personally drive older cars. I basically drive these to pieces and then buy a “new” old car. I use the money I would otherwise spend on the maintenance of new car, to buy old cars.

Currently, I’m driving Slowball Audi 100 from 1993. I bought it from Panda.

Is your hobby your passion?

Yes, it is my passion.

What is the funniest thing that has happened to the cars on the road?

I remember this Saab that was blowing smoke throughout the whole Slowball trip. I survived till the end and then broke down.

What is the funniest story about buying a car?

I have not yet had to buy a car for Slowball. In 2017, I will go and buy a Lada. I think it will be a fun experience.

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