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Art on Wheels!

Slowball Art on Wheels is a unique art marketing project, founded in Estonia, that connects abandoned cars and talented artists. The project takes place for the third time. The previous road trips took place in 2013 & 2015. Year 2017 will introduce new talented artists to the ever-growing and adventurous Slowball family.

The aim of the project is to support local artists by giving them a chance to showcase their artistic skills in an original way – the artists will get a chance to paint abandoned cars. On the other hand, we will get a chance to drive these masterpiece across the borders during epic Slowball road trips.

The artists truly appreciate the chance to get out of their studios, and welcome the opportunity to show their art to even wider audiences.

Whereever we stop Slowball cars, there will be a spontaneous exhibition as people gather around to admire the cars. For some artist, this is their first international experience ever.