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  • Each team shall consist of 2-4 persons and at least one person needs to have a driving license valid throughout European Union.
  • Each team shall oblige to the rule that the car also will have a so called “free passenger”, be it one of our Ambassadors or staff from Slowball organisation.
  • Each team member is only allowed to bring a airplane hand luggage sized SOFT bag due to restricted amount of luggage room in each car. (There is a lot of space needed for the goodie bags and cooling bags that you need for us to deliver the ultimate road trip experience)
  • Each team should participate in the official program throughout the trip (common meals, gatherings, visits to points of interest, the competitions and maybe most importantly to all the welcome parties).
  • Each team member is responsible for own insurance and relevant travel documents.
  • Each team member is participating in Slowball 2017 at own risk, we have no insurances covering any of the activities you participate in. (NOTE, all activities are based on common sense = a regular travel insurance should cover it all).
  • By signing up for a team your confirmation will be sent once we have received your payment.
  • By participating in Slowball 2017 all team members agree that the whole experience will be filmed as well as photographed by staff from Slowball organisation as well as invited or visiting media. There are no financial compensation for this material offered to the participants and it is important to understand that the viral impact of Slowball 2017 might be huge = if you are on the run from someone (ex-wife, the police or a loan-shark) then maybe Slowball 2017 is nothing for you.
  • Related to the competitions elements of Slowball 2017, all decisions by the Slowball supervisor is final and for the fairness of the game let’s do it all with a smile

Last but actually the MOST IMPORTANT rule is this:

Slowball 2017, (like Slowball 2013 and 2015) has ZERO, Ziltch, Nolla, Noll tolerance for alcohol in the drivers’ blood. Each evening we will arrange a lottery per team to identify the next day’s designated driver for each car (except in those cases where the team has already agreed between themselves). Before leaving a city after breakfast, before hitting the road again after each day’s lunch AND at arrival in each destination city we will enforce a test of each designated driver’s alcohol level. If any traces are found, the driver and that team are kindly asked to sober up and automatically the whole team’s participation in Slowball is over and the car key is taken away.