Estonia - Finland - Sweden

BulderMotor is a company dedicated for fun on and with engines, bikes, cars, boats, sledz and more. Starting off with the fuel optimizer/Booster Tri-Pak, a Swedish product made in Rättvik, Sweden, expanding into different customized and commercial products of various kinds.

Bulder Drusse, the initiator of the company, had his first official appearance in Germany, Hannover at a Motorcykle tour to the Bavarian mountain roads. Bulders task was to make sure that the bikes were in good condition and to enjoy life (read “ride, drink and breathe motorcycles and engines”).

Bulder later realized that he wanted to help the planet but, at the same time, convinced, that gasoline and diesel engines were here to stay, while electric vehicles, batteries and all experimental fuels did not fulfill the criteria of Bulder and his friends.

How to enhance the performance of the engines was the first task, and the engines heard him. Shortly, in Bulders dreams, Tri-Pak Boosters appeared as the first and until now the most effective solution to reduce emissions, enhance power & torque and reduce consumption.

This was a sign, Bulder decided that it was time to take an action and is now working together with friends to make engines more effective, environmentally friendlier, and more durable. Bulder is now on the hunt for new cool products to begin with in Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Germany.